Friday, December 11th 2009

MSI Readies First AMD 890-FX Based Motherboard

Here it is - the industry's first motherboard ready for market, based on the AMD 890FX chipset. This socket AM3 motherboard features a platform overhaul with its new chipset, support for USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gbps, and as many as six PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots. The electrical configuration of these slots isn't known as yet, but seeing that there are only two apparent groups of external PCI-Express lane switching, four of these could be electrical x8. The carries the markings of "quad-CrossFireX graphics support", which leads us to believe that at least four out of six of these are wired to the new northbridge.

The CPU is powered by a 5+1 phase VRM, with a large heatsink cooling both the VRM areas and the northbridge.Besides the six PCI-Express x16 slots, there is a lone PCI slot. This is also perhaps the first motherboard with native SATA 6 Gbps support, with as many as six SATA 6 Gbps ports. An additional controller seems to be in place for a couple of extra SATA 3 Gbps ports, and an IDE controller (indicating that the chipset has given up native IDE support). An additional NEC controller provides two USB 3.0 ports color-coded blue, on the rear panel. Its neighbours include powered eSATA, 8-channel audio with optical and co-axial SPDIF, a number of other USB 2.0 ports, FireWire one Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth. There is no word on the pricing or availability, though hopefully more could be learned about 890FX-based motherboards at the upcoming CES event.
Source: Coolaler
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85 Comments on MSI Readies First AMD 890-FX Based Motherboard

I hadn't even heard any sort of announcement about new AMD chipsets.
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Served 5k and counting ...
There was a news announcement a LONG time ago. I think it was back in July. Board looks great!
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A Cheese Danish
Such a good lookin board! Looks like I'm going to be building a new computer at the right time I think.
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asus please release a crosshair 4 looking as sexy as the maximus iii :D:D
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Now, that is a a motherboard. :D
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Bird of Prey
Damn and I havent even had my Asus Crosshair 3 that long after it came out. Bleh, I need a better paying job so I can keep up with tech. I so want this!
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6 video cards = no power to my neighbours and free home heater for me with a empty purse :roll:
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MSi is on the ball but im very happy with my GD70
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Ah, there it is. Been waiting for the 800 series from AMD...
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Oh man, I;ve been waiting for SO long

for an RD890 board to upgrade my build. Originally the promised it by end of 2009, but then with the pushback... its been a difficult wait. To top it off, my old 939 motherboard is dying, and I WAS hoping to replace it with one of these: ASRock Socket 939 785G Mobo, but of course, limited availability - meaning only in Germany/UK/Japan.

But with this, I can hold out a bit longer and make my real planned build. Thank you MSI, though I'll probably wait for ASUS to put out their model. Nothing against, MSI, but ASUS mobos for life for me.

A question though, no word on this one as to what the Southbridge is, 810 or 850. Hoping that its the 850, cause if its not, more wait for me :(

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Big Member
Damn it do I already need to upgrade my board?! I want the new 6 core on day one! I has a sad.
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JrRacinFan, post: 1671910"
There was a news announcement a LONG time ago. I think it was back in July. Board looks great!
I probably forgot then. Six month is a long time between announcement and release.
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good job AMD and MSI, the board looks sweet as:toast:
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Nice, very nice.
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Just a look at it, has 6 pcie slots and only 4 ram slots if iam not mistaken
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I can't help but feel that this board needs more PCI-E slots :p
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AMD has such nice Motherboards... if only the p55 chipset was this nice.
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human_error, post: 1672034"
I can't help but feel that this board needs more PCI-E slots :p
LMFAO hahahhaha:laugh::laugh:
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6 Pci-express ports and only 4 most likely having enough bandwidth to be used. The other two????? Useless I would assume. It would be better to have a PCI-X for workstation raid cards in there too. Maybe another PCI slot?

Other than that it looks like a good board. MSI is always a good value as of late anyway.
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AMD's chipset has allways had native ide support, only intel that does not have native in latest chipsets
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Not the board for me... but nice to see that the 800-series is just around the corner.
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I had completely forgotten about the 800 series as well. :D I'm glad I haven't bought a new board just yet now that these are starting to surface in the news again.

I like the look of the MSI board and it's loaded with features for sure, I'm now eagerly awaiting the ASUS offering which is 99.999% what I'll end up going with whether I get a 790FX or 890FX board.

Cheers to MSI for being first out of the gate with a very good looking product. :toast:

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Good that I did not buy that overpriced 790FXTA-UD5! :nutkick:
Screw you Gigiabyte :shadedshu
MSI here I come :rockout:
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I am starting to like MSi more and more. I guess everyone is happy they dropped the brown PCB board mine was stamped onto with its pink, teal, and "insert girl word for purple" slots.

I love my mobo, but I am glad most of it is covered up by the Mugen II and GTX 260.
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