Friday, November 23rd 2018

Bethesda Continues to Struggle With Fallout 76, Refunds Now a Possibility

With the release of Fallout 76 a week ago, Bethesda continues the tradition of releasing buggy games that are full of glitches and issues. These problems are always expected to come from Bethesda; typically the game is still fun however unlike previous titles, Fallout 76 is has been universally panned by gamers and critics alike. At this point, some of the bugs, exploits, and problems are just hilariously bad. Tools such as Nukacrypt are already available online, using only a partial code it can decrypt the in-game nuclear launch codes drastically speeding up the overall process. Keeping with nuke theme, players working together were able to crash a Bethesda server by launching three nukes simultaneously. There are more glaring examples but when you add them to the laundry list of problems its begins to look pretty bad even for Bethesda.

Then there is Brogadyn on Reddit, who for a week now has been stuck in a semi-god mode. Usually that would be something to rejoice about but in this case, has caused many issues with the game's mechanics as the player is seen to have 0 HP. Worse yet, Bethesda has been dragging their feet when it comes to looking into the problem with Brogadyn speculating that they could reproduce the issue based on the circumstances in which the issue occurred. When you consider all this along with the general bugs, glitches, and problems that are typically a minor annoyance, you end up with a game that likely should have stayed in beta.
In general Fallout 76 is currently such a mess that the game is already discounted by $20 just about everywhere, including from Bethesda themselves. Adding to the problem is the sad fact gameplay is considered quite dull making for a perfect storm where it was only a matter of time before the refund chant would begin which is likely sooner rather than later thanks to Fernando, a user on the Resetera forums, who has supposedly managed to receive a refund from Bethesda directly. Meaning if you bought the game elsewhere you might be out of luck, but if you bought it directly from Bethesda, you might stand a chance at getting your money back.

Still looking at Steam and its current refund policy it is highly likely the game would already be experiencing a massive number of refunds if it was available on that distribution platform. Bethesda's avoidance of Steam on this title means they are in control of refunds which with no clearly defined terms leaves a lot of questions unanswered. That said, considering Bethesda warned everyone how buggy the game would be I guess no one should be surprised by the current events. Sources: Bethesda, Resetera, Youtube, Kotaku
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Updates aren't the problem. Launch is the problem. Better launches mean less updates. It still doesn't hide the fact they are polishing a turd with Creation and they aren't doing a good job polishing it.
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moproblems99, post: 3956040, member: 155919"
As a developer, I want to give them credit but I don't know if they are above the threshold for being competent. That said, it is entirely possible that they have a fantastic development team but the constraints are all within management which leaves the dev team little to work with. I don't know so I won't judge.
Given other, much better recent efforts, that seems the logical conclusion.
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