Monday, June 17th 2019

Intel "Ice Lake" IPC Best-Case a Massive 40% Uplift Over "Skylake," 18% on Average

Intel late-May made its first major disclosure of the per-core CPU performance gains achieved with its "Ice Lake" processor that packs "Sunny Cove" CPU cores. Averaged across a spectrum of benchmarks, Intel claims a best-case scenario IPC (instructions per clock) uplift of a massive 40 percent over "Skylake," and a mean uplift of 18 percent. The worst-case scenario sees its performance negligibly below that of "Skylake." Intel's IPC figures are derived entirely across synthetic benchmarks, which include SPEC 2016, SPEC 2017, SYSMark 2014 SE, WebXprt, and CineBench R15. The comparison to "Skylake" is relevant because Intel has been using essentially the same CPU core in the succeeding three generations that include "Kaby Lake" and "Coffee Lake."

A Chinese tech-forum member with access to an "Ice Lake" 6-core/12-thread sample put the chip through the CPU-Z internal benchmark (test module version 17.01). At a clock-speed of 3.60 GHz, the "Ice Lake" chip allegedly achieved a single-core score of 635 points. To put this number into perspective, a Ryzen 7 3800X "Matisse" supposedly needs to run at 4.70 GHz to match this score, and a Core i7-7700K "Kaby Lake" needs to run at 5.20 GHz. Desktop "Ice Lake" processors are unlikely to launch in 2019. The first "Ice Lake" processors are 4-core/8-thread chips designed for ultraportable notebook platforms, which come out in Q4-2019, and desktop "Ice Lake" parts are expected only in 2020.
Source: WCCFTech
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having a processors 6c 12t or 4c 8t is not going to win the battle for Intel against AMD.
Why not? As an example, 9600K with 6c/6t is currently intended to compete with 2600x 6c/12t. If not for less threads it would be very competitive in production performance as well. There is a similar situation with Ryzen 7 and i7 and Ryzen 3 and i3.
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Why not do 4c/8t, 6c/12t, 8c/16t like competition does. All this quite literally exists in the same pieces of silicon they are selling (= no additional cost).

Intel is currently not selling any 4c/8t or 6c/12t CPUs for consumer.
I dont have that answer... Respectfully WGAF though? There is the 8700k and w/e the 4/8 count derivative (8600k?) Are still for sale... just like zen+ will still be too.You act like coffelake improved on anything except clocks. Why fill that portion in and waste precious silicon when they are already limited?

All I know is that they didnt drop HT because of vulnerabilities. It's an interesting theory, but I dont buy it. Maybe Intel is the only saner one not pumping useless core and thread counts into the mainstream platform. ;)
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the frustrating thing is how long Intel has been sitting on the same IPC. tho, i suppose it's good they didn't swoop in with Ice Lake before Zen 2 launched, giving AMD some breathing room and some room for competition for a while
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