Friday, September 6th 2019

Intel Sourgrapes AMD's Creator Performance Leadership with Laughably Dubious Data

Intel as part of its IFA Berlin client-segment presentation resorted to some very juvenile marketing tactics, inviting criticism from noted PC enthusiast Der8auer. Intel scampered to reclaim its market position in the PC gaming space with the announcement of the Core i9-9900KS 8-core processor, which armed with a 5.00 GHz all-core Turbo Boost frequency, is expected to cement the company's gaming performance leadership. The company didn't leave it at that, and went on to attack AMD's creator performance leadership.

Der8auer observed something curious about a few slides in particular that Intel used to discredit AMD's high-end desktop processors, relating to its Creator performance as tested in Maxon Cinema 4D's benchmark program, Cinebench. Intel claimed that AMD cannot use Cinebench data to represent "real-world" performance as "only 0.22 percent" of users polled by Intel's "Software Improvement Program" respondents use Maxon Cinema 4D. And who are these respondents? Close to 11 million of them, _all_ of whom are notebook and tablet users, and a majority of whom have Software Improvement Program part of OEM bloatware. This, according to Der8auer, is fundamentally dishonest on Intel's part as Maxon Cinema 4D is less likely to be used on portable computers, and more likely on premium desktops or HEDTs. You can watch Der8auer's vlog here (English) or here (German).
The complete slide-deck follows.

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90 Comments on Intel Sourgrapes AMD's Creator Performance Leadership with Laughably Dubious Data

It is so funny to watch that intel is trying on full force to advertise their stuff online.
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As long as Intel is not lying "by using a real piece of info", misleading, fooling and other dishonesty tactics are ok and are just smart marketing technics :/
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TheLostSwedeReal world, my ass...
Intel simply uses whatever suits them to showcase that their products are superior.
Where's the Qualcomm 8cx? Intel is using the old 850 instead. Not saying Qualcomm based notebooks are of any use, but even so, Intel are comparing a high-end part vs. the competitions old part.
Tbf that's what most companies do, including yours truly, till the point that the actual comparison is probably not a joke. Having said that it's been literally over a decade since Intel has been this desperate, they're losing market-share & large chunks of mind-share rapidly - the latter they cannot afford to lose in the consumer space, because it'll take more than a few marketing/promotional $ to get that back!
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Looking at how much reaction intel marketing stuff's been getting I'd say they're successful.
They couldn't buy this much coverage and attention normally. Some PR guy is somewhere out there sitting laughing and thinking to him self, I can't believe it was this easy. His bonus check is going to be pretty big.
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The fact Enhanced Sync/Freesync does not work with 144hz freesync monitors on navi gpu's 2 months after launch has put me off to AMD in general. I'm considering Intel 10nm and rtx 3xxx series next summer/fall as my ultimate build that will last me 5-7+ years. I really wanted an all AMD setup, but I just want it to work, I don't want to have to fight software... :/

@Durvelle27 Has the latest drivers from yesterday/two days ago fixed any of your issues yet with Navi?
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Just Intel being douchbag again. Remember the time when Intel’s compiler crippled AMD performance :kookoo:
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Chomiq"SECURITY" lmao.
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I'm not sure if this is funny or sad, but anything to keep from lowering prices.
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this is not damage control anymore seems more like desperate actions as they had no counter products now...
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Intel are getting desperate and it only means one thing: their 7/10nm nodes are still a failure/far from ready and CFL/CML will remain their top CPUs for the next at the very least 12 months.

I don't remember Intel ever rehashing a single CPU architecture (KBL/CFL/WHL/CML = SKL) for full four years and counting. That's a clusterfuq of epic proportions. Looks like they fired Brian Krzanich far too late.
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Why not 855+ or 8CX ? Snapdragon 850 vs 8500Y ?
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Vya Domus
Yeah machine learning in gaming is very real world.
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We now know what did they hire AMD's marketing folks for.
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It's a marketing truth that shit-slinging is only needed when the competition is too close for comfort. Companies that are superior rarely, if ever, lower themselves to such a tactic. Intelligent consumers are literate and aware such reactions show a level of 'corporate' panic. At best, it shows a complete lack of imagination on Intel's part.
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These charts are meaningless and should be considered evidence of Intel shipping malwares to consumer Laptops / 2-in-1 systems .
Over 10 million system infected.
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Suddenly Cinebench is irrelevant :D
I'm curious, if Intel is bashing AMD Turbo clock and stated that Cinebench is not real, doesn't that mean Intel "might" struggling with their turbo clock at rated TDP? Like, I don't see any of image above they had advantage at maximum load :p
OEM Optimization
Intel should thanks to partner like HPE , Dell and Lenovo for treating their Celeron better with dual channel SODIMM and SSD while giving Ryzen single channel and 5400rpm drive. So much for real world :rolleyes:
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Ferrum Masterisn't dead?
As dead as we all are i suppose.
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A sea of advertising covers. Progress has been made in updating the software, and this is being written directly into the processor's progress ! How much greasy lies can be extracted from statistics. Parameters are one bunch of Ai bad programs.
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Love the Disclaimers Slide lol
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This just goes to show that Intel is pissing their pants and have nothing that will beat AMD for years.

Intel WORST NIGHTMARE is happening right now, they have to lower prices and go in to a defensive position competing with only price/performance and skewed data because they are NOT the leader anymore.
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