Thursday, January 2nd 2020

NAND Flash Prices to Rise up to 40% in 2020

According to the sources over at DigiTimes, NAND flash prices are set to rise by up to 40% in 2020. This report is coming from sources over at memory chipmakers, presumably some of the biggest players like SK Hynix, Micron, and Samsung. If the prediction realizes, consumers will see a significant price jump for products based on NAND flash memory like most of today's solid-state drives. For reference, earlier today we also reported that a minute long power outage at Samsung created damage worth millions of Dollars in DRAM and NAND flash memory.

This incident alone could help contribute to the price rise of NAND memory in 2020. Other possible reasons may include an inefficient supply of materials used by NAND flash production lines or a simple supply-demand ratio, which would hurt prices of NAND flash long-therm. However, we hope that the underlying problems for this predicted price rise can be worked out and that companies like Samsung, which got power outage accident, can supplement the capacity loss during the unplanned turn of events.
Source: DigiTimes
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Silicon manufacturing is turning into big oil cartels. Not really surprised though as so few countries actually does it.
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We screwed up, you pay.
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I could see a four month long power outage causing this.
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Wild take here - media telling people NAND prices will rise \ may rise gives manufacturers a good reason to actually do that.
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This is going to be a price fixing suit later in time. They always say some made-up story to raise prices and let the media have it explode and that what the "cartels" want. Bravo for the media to aid in getting the cartels more from our pockets. This is not just a tech thing, its the same every price fixing start. They see sales up and share holds push for profits , same olds, same old. Makes you think of oil doesn't it.:slap:
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dj-electricWild take here - media telling people NAND prices will rise \ may rise gives manufacturers a good reason to actually do that.
Or it will cause companies to put in huge orders to hord NAND while it is cheap, causing a shortage and prices to go up. Either way, a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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newtekie1Or it will cause companies to put in huge orders to hord NAND while it is cheap, causing a shortage and prices to go up. Either way, a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Or another oligopoly deal under the table. Choose your eldritch abomination, there are tons and all of them will destroy you.
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The same 3 companies price fixing again? A convenient power outage you say? I call bullshit
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Desperately need more HDD innovation now more than ever.
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Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You and have a multi billion dollar industry goes and you give a blundering bad story of this , , and have no back up power supply system. Egg on your face and the customer is going to pay for it? Bad marketing on their part, we screwed up lets cover it up in a B.S story. And we are all morons out here in the real world?
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Intel lost power today at it's 14nm+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ swiss cheese manufacturing facility for a was long enough for AMD to bankrupt them. Poor Intel thoughts and prayers.
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And the hilarity ensues ... love it cause that what this has become, not being sarcastic , its a laugh coming up with stories like this to shove down our throats....
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Please stop supporting these nonsense excuse type stories.

So your telling me a manufacturing plant so sensitive to any type of power outage or fluctuations doesn't have a backup power system in place to save the "millions" lost in this "1 minute" power outage....

C'mon and stop supporting these huge companies greed. Memory prices are down to where they should be.
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Samsung had a brief outage today on their plant. When you read the technicals of it... you will speak differently of how much is at work to keep these plants going. Samsung's plant has its own dedicated energy supply from nearby production, even.

Another thing we might have to expect is one that ties into climate and the state of this world as a whole. We dó keep asking for more on a planet with finite supplies.
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This sounds like the ram chip price fixing issues that pop up every 5-10 years...
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ok this time to hold or upgrade ur rigs
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Imagine what 2 minutes would have done... whew!
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So, is this a good time to buy Micron stocks?
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SK Hynix/Kioxia better get to JFIL sooner!
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Bring on the conspiracies. (Good job throwing the Samsung incident in there, like an incident that only caused millions in damages could spur this.)

This totally cannot be related to the fact that people roll their eyes when their new smartphone comes with less than 128GB storage, while fabs cost billions to build.
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1 minute out and they forgot to make a backup! after the Japanese event ! Please how beautiful lies. Previously 0.1% but they made as much as 40% from that . Mass profits profligate and irresponsible! This must not happen and the leaders know it, so who will resign? But why they are not protected from such accidents ! So investments have gone up and there is no money, my thoughts are .40% do not bash me ! How stupid do they think we are !
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this is fine by me, my current 2tb ssd and 8tb hdd will prob last me another decade and i got them both on lightning sales. if they don't want to give me incentive to upgrade with good prices, well I have no need to anyway, their loss not mine lol
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It’s all just a big scam. They bump the price 40% but this time no one should buy anything. Get another hobby. By paying these high prices you the enthusiast enable them to charge what they please. But if their shit just sits on a shelf they will have to lower prices. I have other hobbies, but I did want to build a new pc, and have wanted to for awhile now.. but now I could care less. I could make my rig last. And if it doesn’t, well I guess I still have my phone, and the great out doors.
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