Sunday, November 6th 2011

NVIDIA Investigates TDR Issues, Requests Sample Cards

Guru3D reports on a post from NVIDIA tech support on NVIDIA's forums regarding TDR issues (Timeout Detection & Recovery problem (display stopped responding but has successfully recovered)). These problems centre around Battlefield 3 and Windows Media Centre, which NVIDIA can't reproduce, so it looks like the problems may be with specific card models. NVIDIA rep ManuelG posted:

I want to give everyone a quick update on some of the bugs mentioned in this thread:

1) Battlefield 3 bugs - So far we have been able to reproduce the major Battlefield 3 issues and have marked this as must fix for the upcoming driver in November.

2) Video Playback issue in Windows Media Center/Movie Maker/Media Player - This issue has been fixed and will definitively be included in the next driver release in November

3) R280.xx or later Firefox/IE9 TDR issue - We have ordered some of the retail graphics cards that have been mentioned in these threads to resolve this issue. However it would be of great help to us if anyone who is facing this problem can send us their graphics card to diagnose internally at our Santa Clara office since the cards we have been tested so far do not seem to show the TDR issues end users are reporting in this forum. We can pay for shipping both ways and I can probably get some free game codes to offer you for your time. Please PM if you would be willing to do so. You must be in the USA however since international shipping can complicate things.
Source: Guru3D
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Overclocked quantum bit
Anyone seen this here?

EDIT: I've not seen any issues like this with any of my nvidia cards.
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I'm using a GTX 460 with the latest Nvidia drivers and use WMC all the time with no issue. Haven't tried BF3 on it yet.
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Dedicated TPU Cruncher & Folder
I am using an EVGA GTX560 (not Ti) and as Erocker stated Windows Media Center works fine. I also have not played BF3 as I don't have the game yet.
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Im using the latest Nvidia drivers and a GTX580 with no issues whatsoever in BF3 and I use VLC and not windows media so I wouldnt know about issues with that.
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I have a GTX480 with the latest driver! I have no problem with battlefield 3 and WMC although my screen frozes somethimes with Windows media Player!
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Graphical Hacker
When I was running my 460 in BF3 I had issues for a short time in beta, but that soon stopped in retail.
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GTX 580, no issues with media player. And nothing's wrong with FireFox (though I seldom use it). Maybe the issue happened on factory OCed cards ? Heard BF3 can be very stressing.

Cool thing to see a Nvidia taking such a move. The company does care for it's customers it seems. +rep NV !
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I am using a Gigabyte GTX 580 and am having issues with bf3, predominately that I cannot run it in full screen, I have to run a 2560x1440 window. In fullscreen I get crashes quite often, and though windowed has crashed before, it is not very common. I also get the whole screen flashing green sometimes.

Running the latest beta drivers with a well ventilated corsair 600T. Overclocked or stock, just seems to be kinda buggy for me.

I don't use WMP, but Firefox (7.0.1) has no issues at all.
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im using my new gtx 460 and yes it is quite annoying sometimes only playing an bf3 server 2 mins and crash it lags out then just freezes to desktop. was crashing on youtube aswell but it stoped. i turned my settings down to medium so i assume that its not using most of the new dx11 features and hasnt bein locking up as much. also some1 said the previous beta driver fixes the problem i have yet to try.
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qubit said:
Anyone seen this here?

EDIT: I've not seen any issues like this with any of my nvidia cards.
Same here thank god!
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Lab Extraordinaire
had issues with my GTX570 and WMC
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I got this issue quite often with my gtx 560 ti. This issue happened with the 3 latest drivers and beta drivers(haven't other drivers). Hope nVidia will fix this.
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Have had BF3 just suddenly crash out at times. Then I've seen issues in game with textures acting up. Sometimes there are green flickers on the screen. Most when I read about it, were issues EA needed to fix. Looks like the last battlelog patch fixed the DX error. Can finally start up normally instead of putting the game into XP mode.
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i get the tdr ballon error in the systray everyday on my gtx 460 but bf3 is fine as i completed the game
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I have a POV TGT Charged GTX460 1GB, and so far the above mentioned scenario i haven't witnessed considering i use my computer for over 20 hours a day.

So far i have played BF3 in ultra settings with all the eye candy and even completed the game with no problem at all.

i don't consider my self as a user of the above mentioned media software, as i am a minimal user even tho i use windows media player mostly for listening to music or any audio file, Most my videos if not all i play using VLC Media player and it works fine in any cas no problems with any of the above media players mentioned.

With all the above i still have a PROBLEM with my Nvidia drivers and i believe its after i updated to GeForce 285.27 Driver BETA, ever since that all the way to the most recent one.

Nature of my problem is that:
Some times after Days or some times hours, but mostly days or a week or weeks, i get a BLACK SCREEN FOR LIKE A FEW SECONDS 3 - 5 SECONDS AND MY WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE x64 reports that YOUR DISPLAY DRIVER HAS TEMPORARILY STOPPED WORKING, something of the sort, or maybe it says DRIVER STOPPED RESPONDING.
I strongly think this is caused by the drivers because i have had this card since December 30th 2010 is the Day i purchased it and it has been fine till the above mentioned driver update.

please not that the problem is not frequent, and i think it is mostly caused when i am surfing the web using Mozilla, in fact all the time it has occurred is when i am surfing the web using Mozilla, most recent occurrence of this problem was yesterday November 05, 2011.
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Lab Extraordinaire
st.bone said:
most recent occurrence of this problem was yesterday November 06, 2011.
you mean the 5th right?
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Bo$$ said:
you mean the 5th right?
Yes the 5th, i have corrected my post, thank you
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I have a 560 ti and sometimes i experience Firefox freezes/crashes... but i'm using Chrome and everything is OK with this :)
In games/apps i don't have any problems at all... BTW i'm using 280.26 WHQL
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The bastards are probably overclocking their cards past 100% stability, that's why nothing shows up in other games. Being that Battlefield 3 is a very taxing game, it'll show any errors on unstable GPU's (excluding a related bug on NVIDIA/DICE's part).
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I have a GTX 560 Ti,

I keep getting this error

Display Drive stopped responding and has recovered

display drive NVIDA windows kernal mode drive, version 285.62 stopped responding and has successfully recovered

The error pops up in a pop up box in the bottom right of the screen.

It happens when surfing the web.
The screen goes black, my monitor cycles through the inputs.
Takes about 2 seconds
Then the screen comes back and the error message pops up in the bottom right hand corner.

Never happens in linux only windows.
Happen after a drive up date.

normally happpens when using firefox... never in games ...
i know I just need to start in safemode and delete the drivers ....
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Another tip..

These sorts of issues are all over the nvidia boards.

You either have to switch power management mode to 'prefer maximum performance' in the control panel or disable hardware acceleration. Not much of a workaround but it does reduce the TDR's caused by the series drivers.

Failing that you could always just revert back to the series drivers which are much more stable.
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have two gtx460's in SLI slightly overclocked and not getting the TDR issue but get green flickering in BF3 as well as the occasional game crash (i believe this is a game error and not a hardware error)

so i think my problems are due to nvidia/ EA right now
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Gtx 460 768 MB, Asus DirectCU, worked flawlessly on the old platform (h55+i5 760). Since I've switched to SB (h67 + i5 2500), I've been getting this "recovery" stuff constantly, but I always thought it was because I got lazy and didn't reinstall Windows when switching platforms, even though the system works flawlessly otherwise.

The strange thing is it always happens in desktop mode, never in games or other graphic applications.
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I was using ASUS GTX 570 Direct CU II, it was very unstable with Unigine and Metro 2033 as in if I were to give it a reasonable OC the game wouldn't even start I think it's related to DX11. It wasn't as bad in Battlefield 3 or in Rage both games worked fine, but when I tried to edit one of my videos through Windows Media Player I wasn't able to get playback it was just a black screen whereas if I played the video with VideoLAN it'd be perfectly fine. Of course this doesn't make me think bad of NVIDIA as a whole their cards are still more preferable in a single GPU config but my GTX 570 did not play nice with me for the short time I had it which was a week.
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I have a gtx460 .I had problems only after i instaled 285.62 with a lot of movies (image in pieces) and i did not played BF3. I swich back to 280.26 and everything return to normal.
But i get sometimes the message ''Display Driver stopped responding and has recovered'' without doing nothing possible only firefox working.
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