Thursday, August 10th 2017

Samsung Readies 970 and 980 Series NVMe SSDs

At its Flash Memory Summit booth, Samsung revealed plans to launch new consumer-segment SSDs which succeed its current 960 EVO and 960 Pro series. Over 2017-18, the company is expected to launch the new 970 series and 980 series NVMe SSDs. Tom's Hardware predicts that Samsung could dispose of the "EVO" and "Pro" brand extensions to a static model number (such as 960 or 950). Samsung could tap into its current 3-bit per cell (TLC) 64-layer 3D V-NAND flash memory for the 970 and 980 series. With the company busy capacity-building for 4-bit per cell (QLC), the new SSD lines may not feature it, although Samsung is capable of surprising with aggressive launch cycles. As drives supporting the NVMe protocol, the 970 and 980 series could ship in modern form-factors, such as M.2 and U.2.
Source: Tom's Hardware
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If I remember correctly Samsung also announced their own QLC flash. Lets hope Samsung keeps the formula of TLC for evo and MLC for Pro series of SSDs.
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Hey Samsung here are my suggestions:
1. PRO for 3D-MLC, EVO for 3D-TLC, NEO for 3D-QLC, and GTFO for 2D-TLC
2. Don't forget to increase your DRAM productions
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Damn they're fast, the 960 barely left the shelves.
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both 960 EVO & 960 PRO are still on sale, yet Samsung has plans to unveil 970 & 980 Series?? damn they're quick =O wonder how will the newer ones do in a bench with their older siblings?? should be interesting...
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