Wednesday, April 13th 2022

ID-COOLING Announces IS-47S 47 mm Low Profile CPU Air Cooler

ID-COOLING today announced IS-47S 47 mm height low profile CPU air cooler. At a total height including the fan of 47 mm, this cooler would be a good choice for your A4 cases. Designed with an overall dimension of 100x93x47mm, it has no conflict of the RAM or PCI-E slots. The heatsink is solid built with a pure copper base and 4 heatpipes and massive aluminium fins. The heatsink itself is measured at 35 mm height. Adding a powerful 12 mm PWM fan, this cooler is capable of handling processors with a maximum TDP of 95 W. In terms of mounting kit, two separate backplates are provided in the box for Intel and AMD respectively. The sockets list includes Intel LGA1700/1200/1151/1150/1155/1156 and AMD AM4.

The bundled thermal grease is named FROST X25, which has a thermal conductivity of 10.5 W/m-K.
MSRP for IS-47S: 34.99USD/34.99EURO (Excl. VAT).
Shipment starts from: Late April, 2022.
For more information, please check the link:
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6 Comments on ID-COOLING Announces IS-47S 47 mm Low Profile CPU Air Cooler

Dr. Dro
id makes great and affordable cooling. The 360mm I have on my rig is from them, keeps my 5950X running like a champ, and it was super cheap too. Cheaper than what the average 120mm Cooler Master AIO goes for. Hope to see more from this company, and better availability, too. :)
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I've tried their coolers before while building for others and they're pretty good for the price, there was a dual tower model that came bundled with 2 120mm fans can't remember the name rn but it wasn't bad at all considering it was about $40, worked like a charm on a 3700X, the included paste looked like mayo so I used MX-4 instead.
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I'd be curious if it can match my be quiet! Shadow Rock LP in performance (probably not), but I like the design. :)
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Welp I kinda wanted a cooler like that for my i 3 cause I prefer the aesthetic of smaller top down coolers in my PC instead of a tower cooler.
Since nothing like this was available at the time I went with a still somewhat okay sized tower cooler from ID and its pretty good for the price I paid. '~35$'

Lowered my temps under load by ~18 celisus vs the stock Alder lake cooler and its dead silent so I can't complain, it did came with the same Frost X25 paste and I did use that.
I have MX 4 around but it seemed okay to me and I was curious, temps are good enough so I think I'm keeping it like this.

I also like how easy it was to install and all the parts are metal so its solid, o ye and they even gave another pair of those fan pins in case someone wants to add a second fan to the tower.
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Jun 25th, 2022 23:00 EDT change timezone

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