Wednesday, November 24th 2021

AMD Posts November Investor Presentation

AMD later this month is preparing to address investors as part of a yet-unknown event. The company typically hosts Financial Analyst Day events around Q1-Q2, and goes to the investors with substantial material on the current state of the organization, the products on offer, what's on the horizon, and how it could impact the company's financials. An alleged presentation related to the November 2021 event was leaked to the web. The presentation provides a guided tour of the entire product portfolio of the company, spanning server processors, compute accelerators, consumer graphics, some client processors, and the semi-custom business.

The presentation outlines that the company has so far successfully executed its roadmaps for the client-CPU, server-CPU, graphics, and compute-accelerator segments. In the client CPU segment, it shows a successful execution up to 2021 with the "Zen 3" microarchitecture. In the server space, it mentions successful execution for its EPYC processors up to "Zen 3" with its "Milan" processors, and confirms that its next-generation "Zen 4" microarchitecture, and its sister-architecture, the "Zen 4c," will be built on the 5 nm silicon fabrication node (likely TSMC N5). The presentation also details the recently announced "Milan-X" processor for existing SP3 platforms, which debuts the 3D Vertical Cache technology, bringing up to 96 MB of L3 cache per CCD, and up to 768 MB of L3 cache (804 MB L1+L2+L3 cache) per socket.
Update 10:54 UTC: The presentation can now be found on the AMD Investor Relations website.

There were no disclosures made about next-generation client processors, neither in the desktop nor mobile markets. In the server space, however, AMD references "Genoa," its next-generation EPYC processor, which features up to 96 CPU cores, with DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen 5; as well as the "Bergamo" EPYC processors for the cloud-computing market, which dials up CPU core counts all the way up to 128. Both chips are based on "Zen 4." AMD also references its recently announced MI250 compute accelerators based on the CDNA2 architecture, which use compute dies built on the 6 nm node, an enhancement of TSMC N7.

The company also elaborate on how the Xilinx acquisition would go down, the key people involved in the transaction from both organizations, and how the resulting AMD-Xilinx combine would look. The transaction would end before December 31, with current Xilinx CEO Victor Peng taking over as the head of the Xilinx division under CEO Lisa Su. Devinder Kumar will continue as CFO. At least two directors of Xilinx would join the AMD Board.

The complete presentation follows.
Source: Planet 3DNow (Twitter)
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JAB Creations
If this stuff got leaked this early I doubt investors will have to wait until Q2 2022.
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it's a very underwhelming leak
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dont whant to set it"'
It could be a mid-term'ish type of the behind closed doors video conference of sorts , 2021's state of the company "report".
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Broken Processor
AMD has either played the waiting game for DDR 5 not to have supply issues or they are waiting for apple to vacate 5nm. Or could be the case that Zen3d will be an excellent performance boost who knows but they need Zen3d out soon.
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Wouldn't it be better to write Bergamo is based on Zen 4c rather than Zen 4?
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Don't see anything about Ryzen with 3D cache, only Epyc. Does that mean than there won't be a Zen3+ on AM4 after all?
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PumperDon't see anything about Ryzen with 3D cache, only Epyc. Does that mean than there won't be a Zen3+ on AM4 after all?
I think AMD are just sitting on Ryzen 3D details until CES in January.
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Gaming Performance Leadership yeah sure with 15,2% on Steam :roll:
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So still the same old and tired Zen 3 cores but just with more cache. Huge pass!
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AMD's greatest problem right now is the VGA shortages.

They can't sell these cards for:

RX 6600 XT for 560 USD
RX 6700 XT for 730 USD
RX 6800 XT for 1160 USD
RX 6900 XT for 1350 USD

when their real cost (and MSRP) is:

RX 6600 XT is 379 USD
RX 6700 XT 479 USD
RX 6800 XT 649 USD
RX 6900 XT 999 USD
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Wow almost 1 GB of GAMECACHE, this puppy really must run crysis like no other! :) /sarcasm off
The Zen4c confirms what "Moore law is dead" has been leaking 2 weeks earlier.
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What is Zen 4c?
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ARFWhat is Zen 4c?
A stripped down Zen4 core to make it smaller, denser and more efficient.
AMD take on big.LITTLE design. Consumer products might include both Zen4 and Zen4c in a similar way to Intel 12th gen.
There will probably one, or several full Zen4c chip(s) for servers for heavy multithreaded tasks.

Edit: Though the big difference here is that Zen4c should retain SMT-2 as a Zen4 will do. (1 core runs 2 threads)
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