Thursday, May 20th 2021

Minisforum Announces EliteMini TL50 with Intel Tiger Lake-U and Thunderbolt 4

EliteMini TL50 is an ultra-compact and high-performance mini PC specially designed for home and office use. Equipped with Intel 11th generation CPU and Intel Iris Xe graphics. Intel Wi-Fi 6 & triple output, upgrade-friendly & windows 10 pro pre-installed.

TL50 comes with Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor (Tiger Lake), 4 cores/8 threads, backed up by Intel Iris Xe graphics, with 8M Cache, max turbo frequency up to 4.20 GHz. It is 20% faster than its predecessor with more cache memory, DDR4-3200 memory and PCIe 4.0 support. Not only ordinary work but also a little heavy games and video editing can be done comfortably.
EliteMini TL50 weighs only 603 g, which is palm-sized and flexible enough to meet all the scene expected in daily life. You can enjoy your PC life in every situation, from daily task handling, 4K video viewing, game playing and even light duty work such as content creation. Also you can expand your viewing area to better meet your needs with 3 displays featuring HDMI (4K@60Hz), DisplayPort (8K@60Hz) and Thunderbolt 4 interface (8K@60Hz).

Thunderbolt 4 is what makes TL50 most different. This technology is announced by Intel in July 2020, it is a latest version of the high-speed I/O interface standard which provides comprehensive functions that can be used with USB-C.

EliteMiniTL50 comes with a built-in 512 GB NVMe (PCIe) SSD (up to 2 TB), two 2.5" HDD (SATA 3.0 6.0 Gb/s) slots are available to increase the capacity significantly and ensure more storage capacity, lower latency, and quicker responsiveness in your workflow. Also, simple motherboard design allows you to gain access to the internals to upgrade your storage In just a few steps.

In addition, by introducing the power-efficient Intel 11th generation CPU, power efficiency is improved and power consumption is significantly reduced.
The Minisforum TL50 comes only 1 standard configuration:The first 50 orders will get a US$100 discount and shipments are scheduled to start in July.
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6 Comments on Minisforum Announces EliteMini TL50 with Intel Tiger Lake-U and Thunderbolt 4

The 12GB ram config is quite odd. Why not 16GB...
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If this was 12th gen with DDR5 I would buy 12 units.
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watzupkenThe 12GB ram config is quite odd. Why not 16GB...
Because it is LPDDR4
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The Game FPS Testing slide says 16GB. I am confused.

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PilleniusMCBecause it is LPDDR4
Well DUH, but why not 16GB?
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Caring1Well DUH, but why not 16GB?
Cost, maybe? LPDDR4 is natively dual channel, each die contains two channels even on the 12GB chip, if that was your worry.
EDIT: I was wrong, they even make single channel dies packaged together, actually the first 12 GB LDDR4 was like that in 2015, monolithic 12GB chips came only in 2018. At any rate LDDR4 is always soldered and is commonly manufactured in 3/6/12 GB sizes, unlike DDR4 sticks. To elaborate, I'm pointing this out in case you were thinking about the 8GB+4GB aberrations, with only half of the 8GB stick in dual channel mode, that grace the laptop and pre-built markets from time to time.
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