Monday, July 29th 2019

Intel Starts Shipping 10 nm Ice Lake CPUs to OEMs

During its second quarter earnings call, Intel announced that it has started shipping of 10th generation "Core" CPUs to OEMs. Making use of 10 nm lithography, the 10th generation of "Core" CPUs, codenamed Ice Lake, were qualified by OEMs earlier in 2019 in order to be integrated into future products. Ice Lake is on track for holiday season 2019, meaning that we can expect products on-shelves by the end of this year. That is exciting news as the 10th generation of Core CPUs is bringing some exciting micro-architectural improvements along with the long awaited and delayed Intel's 10nm manufacturing process node.

The new CPUs are supposed to get around 18% IPC improvement on average when looking at direct comparison to previous generation of Intel CPUs, while being clocked at same frequency. This time, even regular mobile/desktop parts will get AVX512 support, alongside VNNI and Cryptography ISA extensions that are supposed to bring additional security and performance for the ever increasing number of tasks, especially new ones like Neural Network processing. Core configurations will be ranging from dual core i3 to quad core i7, where we will see total of 11 models available.

Additionally, the integrated graphics will get some upgrades as well. Intel's Gen11 GPU architecture, as it is called, will be incorporated inside Ice Lake boosting performance and efficiency of the GPU. Intel claims that the new GPU will break 1 TeraFLOP of FP32 compute performance with its 64 Execution Units. Furthermore, new iGPU will feature native support for DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0b and HDCP 2.2.

The platform for 10th generation Core CPUs is getting improvements as well. There will be an integrated Thunderbolt 3 controller built into chipset, WiFi 6, DDR4 with up to 3733 MHz support and more.
Source: AnandTech
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Intel speaking about additional security. . .
Jesus Christ
I've waited for intel's tock for so long and I finally gave up.
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Xx Tek Tip xX
Quite funny how triggered AMD drones get off here, goes to show they can't keep their salt to themselves.
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I am very frustrated with the notebook offerings at the moment.
So I can buy overpriced Intel with poor graphics.
Or I can buy AMD (12nm) laptop with mediocre screen.
Or I can buy overpriced++ Intel+LeatherMan'sChip laptop that either throttles all day, or is heavy enough to commit a murder with it.
Oh, and sell your kidney if you want an OLED screen.


I hope Raja Kodury does deliver "something" so that at least baseline laptop wouldn't be as terrible at gaming as current Intel's chips are.
And that AMD's 7nm laptop chips with Zen2 and Navi (waiting for EUV, aren't you, AMD?) will come sooner, rather than later.

B-Real, post: 4088808, member: 170068"
Yeah yeah yeah. Offering 20% IPC gaing at SAME PRICE. That's how we know Intel. :D
IT's 20% IPC gain coupled with 20% clock drop, so, possibly.

This also explains why no desktop 10nm CPUs are out, they won't be faster than 14nm.

lynx29, post: 4088654, member: 153071"
I mean, Intel is still getting 10 fps across the board better in games... so..
Yeah. With 2080Ti. At 720p. At much higher clocks with twice the opower consumption.

They can't get to those clocks with 10nm, that's why there is no desktop 10nm chip.
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